broken skin

The essay film BROKEN SKIN tells about the experience of living with psoriasis. I produced the film for my MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2019.

“I can’t explain to you in enough words how amazing tonight was. I can only explain it as the best film I’ve seen explaining psoriasis EVER! All of my friends said they could have watched it for hours and they feel so informed now. Thank you so much for all of our conversations that felt like therapy for me and for the film tonight. Well done on a poetic film, and for making me for once feel proud to have psoriasis - I’ve never felt so comfortable or okay to have it, until tonight. I’ve loved being a part of it.” Francesca Allen, one of the voices in the film after the screening, London, 2018.

BROKEN SKIN is nominated for the Grierson Trust Award 2019. It won the Learning on Screen Award 2019 (London) and the Student Shorts Award from the Ethnocineca 2019 (Vienna). The film was awarded with the Paul Watson Prize for the best audio-visual production project on MA Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London 2018.


Der Essay Film erzählt vom Leben mit Schuppenflechte (Psoriasis). Ich habe ihn als Abschlussarbeit im Master Studiengang Visuelle Anthropology, der Goldsmiths University in London 2019 produziert.

“Ich kann dir gar nicht sagen, wie wundervoll heute Abend war. Das ist der beste Film ist, den ich je zum Thema Schuppenflechte gesehen habe. Alle meine Freunde sagten, sie hätten noch stundenlang weiterschauen können. Danke für die Gespräche mit dir, die sich wie eine Therapie angefühlt haben und für die heutige Vorstellung. Du hast einen poetischen Film geschaffen, der es mir erlaubt - wenigstens einmal - stolz zu sein, dass ich diese Krankheit habe. Ich habe mich damit nie wohl gefühlt, ausser heute Abend. Es ist toll, dass ich ein Teil davon war.” Francesca Allen, eine der Stimmen im Film nach der Filmvorführung, London, 2018.

BROKEN SKIN ist für den Grierson Trust Award 2019 nominiert. Der Film wurde mit dem Learning on Screen Award 2019 (London) und dem the Student Shorts Award from the Ethnocineca 2019 (Wien) ausgezeichnet. Mit dem Paul Watson Prize wurde er als beste audio-visuelle Arbeit im Masterstudiengang Visual Anthropology der Goldsmiths University of London ausgezeichnet.

“I asked myself where did I catch
the killer itch I couldn’t scratch.
I called every doctor I could call
but it did no good at all
‘cos Baby you can’t buy a kiss
when you’ve got psoriasis. 

You all know the shape I’m in
living life with broken skin.
I’ve felt the pain and I’ve read the book
but I guess you don’t want to take a look.
So I thought that I would come to see
Lidija’s film about people like me.”

Lyrics from the credit song BROKEN SKIN composed and performed by Simon Williams

Screenings / Filmvorführungen:

22/03/19    World Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
25/04/19    Learning on Screen, London, UK
27/04/19    Rigas Pasaules Filmu, Riga, Latvia
10/05/19    Exhibition, SE London UK
                  You don’t deserve to be an artist
25/05/19    Ethnocineca Vienna, Austria
13/07/19    TsakBam Festival, Aegina, Greece
05/10/19    Kino Toni, University of Arts ZHdK, CH
17/10/19    Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania
10/11/19    Panorama of the European Film,
                  Cairo, Egypt
14/11/19    Grierson Award Ceremony, London, UK
19/11/19    University of Oxford, UK
                  Institute Social and Cultural Anthropology
02/12/19    Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, Greece

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read here: Inteview with the talentmanager about the Grierson nomination in the category Student Film 2019.

a note from me the director of the film 

"I like to approach topics that are personal and potentially painful. As a psoriasis sufferer myself I found myself in an intriguing exchange between people that face a similar situation: what if your skin turns against you? Through an anthropological lens l explored other peoples’ experiences. This process created a beautiful sense of community. It makes me very proud that BROKEN SKIN is nominated for the prestigious Grierson Award. I believe that visual anthropology provides unique and creative methods to explore such an irritating disease like psoriasis. " 


UK, 2019, 24min

Technical Specs / Technische Angaben

Language:       Englisch
Subtitles:         English available
Sound:            Stereo / 5.1
Color / 16:9 / HD

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