broken skin

The essay film BROKEN SKIN tells about the experience of living with psoriasis. I produced the film for my MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

“I can’t explain to you in enough words how amazing tonight was. I can only explain it as the best film I’ve seen explaining psoriasis EVER! All of my friends said they could have watched it for hours and they feel so informed now. Thank you so much for all of our conversations that felt like therapy for me and for the film tonight. Well done on a poetic film, and for making me for once feel proud to have psoriasis - I’ve never felt so comfortable or okay to have it, until tonight. I’ve loved being a part of it.” Francesca Allen, one of the voices in the film after the screening at Goldsmiths University.

BROKEN SKIN won the Learning on Screen Award 2019 (London) and the Student Shorts Award from the Ethnocineca  2019 (Vienna). The film was awarded with the Paul Watson Prize for the best audio-visual production project on MA Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London 2018. It is shortlisted for the Grierson Trust Award, wish me luck :-)


22/03/19    World Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
25/04/19    Learning on Screen, London, UK
27/04/19    Rigas Pasaules Filmu, Riga, Latvia
10/05/19    Exhibition: You don’t deserve to be an artist, London, UK
25/05/19    Ethnocineca Vienna, Austria
13/07/19    TsakBam Festival, Aegina, Greece

BROKEN SKIN (UK, 2019, 24min)

Technical Specs

Color / 16:9 / HD 
Language:         English
Subtitles:        English available
Sound:            Stereo / 5.1
Screening Format: Apple ProRes / mov