hello, I am a writer and director. I recently produced and directed a short TV documentary about the psychedelic Renaissance. My first book «Nöd us Zucker» got published in 2022. I graduated in visual anthropology at Goldsmiths University in 2018, London.

I worked as a journalist in radio, TV and online media (3sat, SRF, Arte). Besides that, I work on different film projects as a script supervisor. I am a member of the Swiss union film and video (Schweizer Syndikat Film und Video ssfv) and AdS (Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz)

My artistic work is mostly autobiographical and consits of pieces of writing that are diary-like. They are led by intuition and instant emotions. My visual practice is playful and includes experiment and coincidence, trial and error. I like to work autoethnographically.


photo by Yves Bachmann