The teachings of Fumio Inagaki (CH, 2021, 11min)

The short documentary about Japanese ballet teacher Fumio Inagaki was shot in the beginning of 2021. At the age of 88 Fumio is still teaching in Zurich. As we get a short glimpse into his life he introduces us into his way of thinking, his Ikebana studio and the way dancing keeps him young.

Subtitles are available in English, German, French and Greek.

Richi on a Friday (CH, 2021, 3min)

Filming friends: Portrait of Richi. Spending the weird year of 2021 with friends, talking, chilling, trying out stuff.

Wordless thought (CH, 2021, 2min)

In the beginning of 2020 we practised something that would be quite useful in the upcoming months. Entering «skyspace» created by American artist James Turrell made silence the prevailing sound. This generated a meditative atmosphere where we found common ground to start playing around with our voices and our hands.

BROKEN SKIN (UK, 2019, 24min)

The encounter of the filmmaker with other psoriasis-affected people is turned into a poetic journey that explores skin as a metaphor of belonging and belief. Worldwide 125 million people are affected by this very visible yet somehow hidden disease.

My graduation film from Goldsmiths University of London was nominated for the Grierson Award 2019.

You can stream / download the film
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Conversation about making the film
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--> article in the Swiss Medical journal

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Filmfestivals 2019

22/03 World Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia
25/04 Learning on Screen Festival, London, UK
27/04 Rigas Pasaules Filmu, Riga, Latvia
10/05 Exhibition: You don’t deserve to be an artist, London, UK
25/05 Ethnocineca Vienna, Austria
13/07 TsakBam Festival, Aegina, Greece
05/10 Kino Toni, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK, CH
17/10 Astra Film Festival, Sibiu, Romania
10/11 Panorama of the European Film, Cairo, Egypt
19/11 Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK
02/12 Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, Greece

SARMA AND SKYPE (UK, 2017, 6min)

This film is about roots, culture, language, periods, bad moods, but mostly: STRONG WOMEN. My mum comes to London. I show her the city, she shows me how to cook Sarma, a traditional dish from the Balkans. Coming from Yugoslavia, she worked more than half of her life in Switzerland, where my siblings and I were born. I want to film her, instead she brings her own camera. This short film shows how our experience of that visit emerge through images and sound. It also shows that I love my mum.
OLIVIA – A FRIENDSHIP (UK, 2016, 5min)
I reflect upon the relationship between my best friend Olivia and me. It's about how friendship evolves by supporting and challenging each other.

FLAT MOOD MOMENT (UK, 2016, 2min)

London 2016: I’m starting my Master degree in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths University. The 21st century hits me with all its ugliness, cruelty and absurdity.

(UK/BiH/CH, 2018, 40min)

I join a research trip about the active youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a translator. My friend Kim and me are traveling to Zenica, Srebrenica and Sarajevo. What does it mean to be an activist and what does success mean in that context? The film tells about our trip in three parts: Youth, Time and Realism, each connected to the places visited. As I took along my camera I was able to capture young engaged people as well as a researcher in the quest of positive examples and possible change.
(CH, 2015, 27min)

A documentary about manual farming in the Swiss Alps, as well as about love, resisting convention, looking out for each other, filming and rediscovering the 'old ways'.

Collaboration with Nicholas Stücklin.